Open your heart and quiet your mind – Silent Meditation Retreats at Lake Titicaca

Learn new tools to transform your life – every month around full moon

Silent Meditation Retreats

What is the Silent Meditation Retreat?

The monthly silent meditation retreat on at Lake Titicaca is a unique opportunity to spend conscious time with yourself, while having the benefit of being in a supportive group on a remote island.

It is meant for people who are interested to look deeper into themselves, wish to open and heal their heart and invite more clarity and inspiration into their lives.

It is especially designed for beginners who want to learn meditation and yoga. Because of the high energy of the place, also experienced practitioners enjoy the retreat.

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Upcoming Retreats:

2016: – in English 
May 06 – 10
May 19 – 23
May 25 – 30
June 18 – 22
July 17 – 21
August 15 – 19
September 14 – 18

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Transformational Tours

What is a Transformational Tour?

The 12 day Tour combines the visit of sacred places like Machu Pichu, Cusco, Lake Titicaca and the sacred valley with tranformational experiences like a Silent Meditation Retreat, Yoga classes and shamanic cermemonies.

Visiting these sites in a spirit of mindfulness and openness allows the high energy of the place to support you in your transformational and healing process.

If you want to visit Peru and instead of a simple touristic experience, you look for a more conscious and profound experience, this might be for you.

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Upcoming Tours:

May 14 – 25
June 13 – 24
July 12 – 23
August 10 – 21
September 09 – 20
October 08 – 19
November 06 – 17

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In just 3 days on the beautiful, peaceful Island of Amantani I was able to reach a state of peace and deep meditation. I left feeling rejuvenated and inspired to continue this method of meditation.Thank You!
Nick Werber
“I was silently encouraged, uplifted and drawn into my inner most potential.
Words cannot express my gratitude for this experience, thank you!”
“After studying and practicing yoga and Advaita Vedanta for many years, I recently experienced a profound fusion of the two ancient understandings in a Hridaya Yoga meditation retreat in Pisac, Peru, under the superb guidanc of Laksman, a very gifted teacher…the heart-centered approach of Hridaya is a much needed remedy for our busy minds…”
Brian Mc Adams
The 3 Day Silent Retreat was so blissful for my heart.
The space that I now hold within is so clear and calm, trustful and grateful.