The Project

Meditation Retreat Peru is the merging of our 2 main passions: Transformational experiences like Meditation and visiting sacred places, like the Andes of Peru. We found that holding the silent meditation retreats in highly energetic places like Lake Titicaca amplifies and deepens the experience.

We therefore follow our joy by offering silent meditation retreats, workshops and transformational tours at Lake Titicaca.



Spiritual Background

We acknowledge the value of all spiritual traditions and religions. We believe that in spite of the apparent differences, all paths share Love as one of their core values.

Our main focus is on exploring and opening the heart and to develop an inner structure that brings more love and a feeling of connectedness into our lives.

Although most of our teachers were trained in the international school of Hridaya Yoga and Meditation and our retreats are based on this tradition, our main intention is to provide a space in which you can find your own inner truth and deepen your own spiritual experiences.




Is Co-founder of Meditation Retreat Peru. He has extensively studied mystical traditions and organizes retreats and workshops all over the world to share this ancient wisdom.



Has been born in Poland and lived in London before she dedicated her life to studying and practicing meditation. She now teaches silent meditation retreats in Peru.



has been growing up in Argentina where she worked as a personal trainer and yoga teacher. Her adventurous spirit made her not only an expert in adventure sports but also inspires her passion of traveling the world and teaching transformational retreats.

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has joined Meditation Retreat in the beginning of the project as a volunteer and after an extensive practice and the completion of a teacher training course he is now one of our main teachers.



is originally from Bulgaria and has just joined us from Mexico where after completing her meditation teacher training she had organized and taught meditation retreats for the last years,

Our Team

stefan wellinskyStefan 

is guiding our transformational tours. He has been living with his wife and 2 children in Peru for more then 10 years to follow his passion to explore the magical landscapes of Peru.


is our experienced local guide. He grew up in the sacred valley of the andes and shares his traditional wisdom of the ancient sites and cultural customs.


is our host on the island Amantani. He is welcoming us to the unique culture of the island amantani, where people live an example of a simple, healthy and open hearted indigenous community. The experience of the pure hospitality of Amadeo’s family is a special memory for many retreat participants.


is the youngest member of the meditation retreat peru team. He lives with his family on the island amantani where they host our meditation center. His sweet presence and “Hola”s are great invitations to live with an open heart.

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