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How To Balance Masculine and Feminine Energies With the Temples on Amantani

February 27, 2016  by Nallely Terrazas Kiedaisch
The sacred sites of Amantani and how to use their potential.
Sacred sites are very powerful energetically charged places. Here I present you the sacred sites of the island Amantani on the lake Titicaca in Peru.

Nowadays we often don’t find the time to rest in our daily lives, and to find […]

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The Temples On the Island Amantani

The island Amantani is said to be a mystical power place, mainly because of the ancient temples located on the island. The island, which is only square kilometres wide and home to about 3000 people basically consists of 2 mountains which each has an ancient temple on its peak. The temple of Pachamama, dedicated to […]

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