Yoga and meditation retreats for beginners (and advanced)

5 things you need to know before arriving at meditation retreat peru
If you are looking to join one of our retreats on lake Titicaca, here is a list of 5 things you need
to know before arriving.
First, everybody is welcome to our silent meditation retreats, beginners and advanced
practitioners alike. You don’t need to have experience in meditation to attend our event. As
Ramana Maharashi, the spiritual master, once said “meditation is your true nature.” So don’t be
afraid to begin your meditation journey. You are well supported in the retreat environment and
are guided by experienced teachers who are sharing their passion with you. The team is there
to support you and remember, you don’t need to be ready to start, you just need to be ready,
to start !
Second, in our silent meditation retreats we focus on the spiritual heart, which we believe is
the essence of our being. People from different background, cultures and religions of the world
are welcome to join as we are only pointing back to what all great religions teach, that is, the
Heart. All is needed is your openness and presence for this meditation.

Now some practical advice:
The lake Titicaca is 3,810 metres in altitude and so we recommend you arrive in Cuzco or
Juliaca a couple days before the retreat meditation starts so you can get used to the altitude
change. We advice you to drink at least 1 or 2L of water during your travels as dehydration
does not help with the high altitudes. Here in Peru it is part of the culture to chew on coca
leaves or drink coca tea as it helps with high altitudes, this is also an option if you feel the call
to try. Also, taking supplements of Gingko Bilboa has been shown to help improve the blood
circulation and reduce effects of altitude sickness.
Fourth, during your yoga retreat in peru, you will visit the amantani temples, which are the
Pachatata and the Pachamama temple which are considered sacred temples according to the
local natives. You will see why they are special as we hike in silence to those magical places to
meditate and watch the sunset. Don’t forget to bring warm clothes as it is gets pretty chilly at
night and some good shoes for walking and hiking.
Finally, we do a daily hatha yoga practice and want to advice you that it is not necessary for
you to bring a yoga mat as we already have what is necessary there, the only thing missing is
Hope to see you soon ! <3

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