February 27, 2016  by Nallely Terrazas Kiedaisch

The sacred sites of Amantani and how to use their potential.

Sacred sites are very powerful energetically charged places. Here I present you the sacred sites of the island Amantani on the lake Titicaca in Peru.

Nowadays we often don’t find the time to rest in our daily lives, and to find out if we are truly balanced in our masculine and feminine energy. 

For me, coming from the west it always seemed that I am more masculine in my energy. Running from one meeting to the other, and being a nurse working in shifts which made a daily routine almost impossible – than in your free time, you still want to have some spare time to see your friends and family, you also kind of feel like you need to please them all, whenever you have time.

But where do we take this energy from?

There are sacred places where your daily life, your to do lists, your thoughts and judgments doesn’t play any role.These sacred places we can find on the mountains, on islands, in the forest, in springs, in nature itself, even in churches, maya, aztec, inca temples, sacred sites or old ancient buildings. This are mystical places with their own secret powers, this places somehow radiate such an interesting power and energy so that we feel deeply torn to them, our gut instinct tells us this.

Somehow we feel that in this places time doesn’t exist, everything somehow stands still. There are no fears, judgments, bad thoughts,memories, and experiences that come into our minds. Somehow it is like if somebody pushes an reset button and we could start new again and let go of everything that doesn’t serves us. Magically in this places we are deeply connected to our hearts and the mind stops for a moment. Just by stepping on or in a sacred site.

The moment we come back to our daily lives it take some time for the routine to take place again, or even better it takes some time until we adapt back in our routine, until it feels normal to us again.

Our belief systems change, what we might have seen as big troubles and problems in our lives are now easily seen with clarity.

So to all of you who are ready to touch and feel one of this beautiful silent places, Amantani for me was one of the most stunning ones.

I never heard the sound of silence before so present than here, I’ve never felt so in touch with the beauty, joyfulness and bliss of existence.

This place for sure is a energy station. And you will be stunned what kind of beautiful exchange can happen if you are sensitive and open enough and without any expectations.

The insight: how to balance masculine and feminine energies with sacred sites

This mystical and powerful charged places invite us to get to know ourselves better, to listen to the whispers of the heart and to give the mind a moment to pause.

To listen to what is really important without labeling it.This two temples are so full of inspiration and help you to find your own inspiration on your own path. And it doesn’t matter at which point you are at in your life in this particular moment, its all about being in the moment and being open to whatever might want to come through you and be embraced by you. 

Its about clarity, respect towards the sacred site and yourself, wisdom, truth, confidence, for your whole system and your body mind and soul.

Be patient don’t rush. Don’t set to many expectations. Just go with the flow, feel the energies let them dance through you, through your body and be stunned and full of gratitude of any conclusion you will find.

Take your time, walk slowly, feel how your feet touch mother earth, be in gratitude for this beautiful home your walking on and the beautiful energy that this site radiates. Let the powerful and gentle energies enter your space. Than if you want, take a couple of deep breaths inhale and exhale, after a while let your breath move by itself without putting to much attention to it. If you want come down into a sitting posture, make yourself comfortable and set an intention. Then slowly start to touch your surroundings, the temple itself, the earth, the stones that surround you, the gras and feel how the earth and ground are feeling. During this beautiful ritual, you open up yourself for new insights, ideas and you allow your soul to expand.

Whenever you enter a sacred place remember:

Bring something, a stone, flower, something sweet, something you collected from nature on your way pilgrim to the site.

Be respectful.

Greet the site and say goodbye as well to honor the sacred site.

Keep them clean, don’t through your garbage away.

Be thankful and full of gratitude when you leave the sacred site.

I myself worked a lot on balancing my feminine and masculine energy. Regardless of whether we are male or female, we all have divine masculine and divine feminine energy within us. no matter if you are male or female. For example coming from the west, I somehow thought showing emotions is weakness, not being strong enough, and living to much of my masculinity made me feel not female enough. So i was in a constant imbalance of these energies.

On each of the temples my soul started to melt with their energies and i found totally new conclusions and belief systems.

The temple of Pachatata

The temple of Pachatata


The divine masculine stands for and represents:

Action, direction, responsibility, strength, movement, focus, fatherhood, the sun, generosity, encouragement, clarity, intellect, transformation and growth.

With my visit at Pachatata I asked many questions about my feelings towards fatherhood. The first person introduced into my life, which symbolized divine masculinity in my life was my father, What does fatherhood mean to me? I felt that I had a lot of resistance and realized throughout this that I also had resistance towards divine masculinity.I came to Pachatata to heal my believe systems and he gave me more clarity and confidence for my personal journey and showed me that everything in life is about balance.


Praying at the Pachamama Temple


The divine feminine stands for and represents:

Love, understanding, compassion, insight, intuition, wisdom, forgiveness, moon, connection, harmony and sensuality.

No one can switch on your feminine essence on for you. Except you. And you have it all within yourself. Here I asked myself about what does motherhood mean to me? The first person introduce into my life which symbolized the divine feminine was my mother.

Now I know that it is strength, a beautiful powerful tool to help you feel deeply in your emotions. To connect with my traumas, to release them and transform them into light, without being caught up in the drama. You rule your life. You take full responsibility for your actions, your words the choices you make and have been making in your life. I do this out of respect, love and compassion towards myself and any living being. Finally I felt more connected with my own being, I learned to understand myself to heal my traumas, to change my believe systems and to live my soulful essence and passions.


It was a powerful, healing and beautiful journey within myself. And I want to thank Meditation Retreat Peru for making this life changing experience possible. If you are interested in balancing your masculine and feminine energies within in a beautiful powerful silence retreat, Ihighly recommend Meditation Retreat Peru. I loved to share this experience in silence with other participants and the nice and profound guidance of Stephan Oesterreicher. Thank you so much for this beautiful journey.