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You are in the right place, if you feel called to heal emotionally, open your heart, clear your mind and bring new inspiration and inner guidance in your life.

We offer monthly Silent Meditation Retreats in Amantani Island on Lake Titicaca in Peru.

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What is a silent meditation retreat?

A silent meditation retreat is a unique opportunity to spend time with the conscious self,

while you are having the advantage of being in a support group in a remote island.

Can I make a silent meditation retreat?

To learn more about yourself, want to learn more about meditation and are interested in experiencing the effects of being silent for three days, you can make a silent meditation retreat.

The retreat is designed especially for beginners who want to have a profound experience and learn meditation. Due to high energy and special atmosphere, experienced professionals also enjoy the retreat.

What I can expect from the retreat?

Most of the participants are spending days of silence in a high energy environment, guided by experienced teachers, giving them the opportunity to look deeply into themselves and recognize the underlying causes of patterns of normal life.

Also receive tools to restructure his thoughts and emotions, and to create the inner map to live with an open heart.

Will the retreat give me tools I can use in my daily life?

Yes! In the shelter of yoga and meditation methods to help you relax and bring more clarity in your daily life and inspire you to live with an open heart is learned.

What is my investment for the retreat?

The all-inclusive price for retirement, including lodging, food, transportation from Cusco to the island and back to the mainland is 499 US$.

How do I register?

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Where is the retreat heldSlider 05
The location of the retreat is the mystical island “Amantani” in the middle of Lake Titicaca, Peru

Highlight of the island are the 2 mountains on the island which each has a more then 5000 year old temple on top. The 2 temples are dedicated to “Pachamama”, the divine feminine and “Pachatata”, the divine masculine and are embodyments of these universal principles. Over looking the lake and the andes, the island has a majestic and peaceful energy.

What about accommodation and food?
We will stay at our retreat center on the island, which is run by a local family. You can choose between a singleIMG_1951 or double room with shared bathrooms. In spite of the remote location, you will find a beautiful and clean environment with hot showers.

There will be 3 vegetarian meals per day, that are lovingly prepared by our guest family.

If you have any special food needs, let us know before and we take care of that.



What is the schedule?

It is a 5 day event, with 3 days of complete silence, guided by an experienced teacher.

Day 1: We travel from Cusco to the island Amantani.

Day 2 – 4: The Retreat. We spend 3 days in silence, practice Yoga and Meditation as well as other exercises to explore our inner world in order to open our heart and increase awareness of the Self. Every day we take trips (in silence) to the sacred places of the island and meditate in ancient temples as well as at the shores of the lake.

Day 5: After breakfast and morning meditation, we say goodbye to the island and take a boat back to the main land, where the event ends.

Yes. The retreat is designed especially for beginners who want to learn meditation and yoga. What is required is wish to learn and a commitment to follow the retreat guidelines, especially to be in silence for 3 days. Our teachers give all necessary instructions and guidance.
The retreat is held on the island Amantani at Lake Titicaca. You either travel with us from Cusco or meet the group in Juliaca to continue traveling together to the island. after the retreat, we will take a boat back to the mainland. This is the end of the event. From here you can travel to Puno or Juliaca and back to Cusco.
Yes. According to your choice you can either stay in a private or shared room. There is no extra fee for a private room.
Yes. Usually we provide vegetarian food. If you have certain food allergies, please let us know before, and we will make the arrangements.
It depends on the time of the year. From october till march there can be rain, but it is usually short shoes, mainly at night. From april till october there is mainly sunshine. It can be hot in the sun and cold at night.
Please bring: – warm and comfortable clothes – a hat to protect yourself from the sun – a notebook and pen – a water bottle to refill You don’t need to bring sleeping bag/blanket or towels. We provide these.
We are in a remote location. There is no internet and only limited phone connection on the island.

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