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Want to meditate in one of the most magical places on earth?

No matter if you are a beginner or with experience, you are in the right place!

Every month around full moon, we welcome you and people from all over the world on the island Amantani for a 5 day event with 3 days of silence, to dive deep inside yourself, and

  • Heal old wounds
  • Invite new visions for your life
  • Learn to meditate deeply
  • Balance your inner masculine and feminine aspects
  • Open your heart and invite more love and joy

What is so special about the retreat?

The location and the theme. The retreat is happening on the mystical island “Amantani” in the middle of Lake Titicaca, Peru.

Overlooking the lake and the andes, the island has a majestic and peaceful energy. With its 2 mountains that each has a more then 5000 years old temple on its peak.

The 2 temples are dedicated to “Pachamama”, the divine feminine and “Pachatata”, the divine masculine and are embodiments of these universal principles.


We are inviting you


November 21 – 25 / December 29 – Jan 02 (New Year)


January 20 – 24 / February 18 – 22 / March 18 – 22 / April 17 – 21 / May 16 – 20 / June 15 – 19

July 14 – 18 / August 13 – 17 / September 11 – 15 / October 11 – 15 / November 10 – 14 / December 10 – 14

Day 1: We are traveling from Cusco to the island Amantani for the silent meditation retreat. The luxurious bus leaves Cusco around 8am and after traveling the last hour by boat to the island we arrive at the retreat center around 5.30pm and have a detailed retreat introduction session after dinner.


Day 2 + 3: The silent meditation retreat begins and has the following schedule

07:00 Meditation with instruction and breaks

09:00 Breakfast

09:50 Morning teachings

11.30 Gentle Hatha Yoga

12.45 Meditation

13:00 Lunch

15:00 Introduction in the meditation room

15:15 Silent hike to the sacred sites, with group meditation

18:00 Meditation at the retreat center

19:00 Dinner

19:50 Evening session with teachings and evening ritual


Day 4: Morning program is the same with a long lunch break until 16:00

16:00 Meditation

17:00 Heart opening-closing ceremony

18:00 Retreat ends with sharing circle and following dinner


Day 5: We leave the island after breakfast by boat to the mainland and travel back to Cusco.

5 Days Retreat

You pay only 499$
Value 995$
  • Silent meditation retreat value (value 575$)
  • Accommodation for 4 nights on the island Amantani(value 160$)
  • Transportation from Cusco or Juliaca to the retreat and back (value 125$)
  • 3 meals per day during the retreat on Amantani (Value 110$)
  • Retreat Material (value 25$)





We will stay at our retreat center on the island, which is run by a local family. In spite of the remote location, you will find a beautiful and clean environment with hot showers.

There will be 3 vegetarian meals per day, that are lovingly prepared by our guest family.

If you have any special food needs, let us know before and we take care of that.

Yes. The retreat is designed especially for beginners who want to learn meditation and yoga. What is required is the wish to learn and a commitment to follow the retreat guidelines, especially to be in silence for 3 days. Our teachers give all necessary instructions and guidance. It will be easier then you think.

Yes. You guarantee a single room with a 50$ fee.

Yes, we do our best to fulfill your needs. Please contact us with your special request.

It depends on the time of the year. From October to April is the rainy season which is more mild and with rain showers mainly at night. From April to October is the dry season which is generally colder with hardly any rainfall.

Please bring warm and comfortable clothes.

The retreat begins and ends in the bus station in Cusco. Alternatively you can also meet the group or depart from the group in the city of Juliaca near lake titicaca. There is also a domestic airport in Juliaca.

Being on the island is a great opportunity for a digital detox. We are in a remote location with no internet and limited phone connection. We do have an emergency system of course.