We love what we do!

Personal development and sincere practices such as meditation are our passion and we are deeply honored to have space for meditation retreats in highly energetic places like Lake Titicaca.

Seeing the transformation, healing and awakening that takes place in the retreats satisfies us deeply and we hope to welcome the retreat.



Is the founder of Meditation Retreat Peru. He has extensively studied mystical traditions and organizes retreats and workshops all over the world to share this ancient wisdom.


was born in Lebanon, grew up in Canada and has extensively studied yoga and meditation in many countries around the world. She loves to travel and teaches in Canada and Peru.


Is originally from Holland but has made the Andes of Peru her home, where she also shares her wisdom as a yoga and meditation teacher.


Was born in the USA and moved to the andes to combine the high energy of the special places of Peru with his own inner work.



Our Core event, the monthly silent meditation retreat at lake titicaca, is held on the mystical island Amantani in the middle of lake Titicaca.