Lake Titicaca has in every Andean civilization been revered for its magical waters. It makes perfect sense then that the ‘Gate of the Gods’ is also located near its shores. The Hayu Marca is a mountain range 35 kilometers from Puno city near Lake Titicaca. 

The mountains in all their immensity are considered sacred by the locals who believe that this is the location of the ‘City of the Gods’ which to this date remains largely undiscovered. This claim has remained unbacked by an archeological survey on account of the terrain being unconducive to such searches. 

The ‘Gate of the Gods’ which was discovered in 1996 marks the alleged entrance to the city and is an awe-inspiring sight to behold. This is a stargate, and these entryways have not been explained by science and remain a mystery like the infamous Bermuda Triangle. 

A Sacred Energy 

Locals attest to the fact that the Amarumuru or the Stargate is a receiver of frequencies which are from another dimension and cannot be understood by ordinary people. 

The belief is not an uncommon one among local tribes as they have attributed such other-worldly powers to various Inca sites even Machu Picchu. It is formed on the premise that certain sites can emit light, sounds, and vibrations which connect to another realm. 

The door-like shape of the Amarumuru is interpreted as the door to another world and another time. With its majestic, towering appearance, it fits the description and may have been the Inca’s way of paying homage to the spirit world. 

How It Was Discovered 

A tour guide named Jose Luis Delgado Mamani came across Amarumuru almost by mistake as he was hiking in the area. The door was hidden inside the mountain range and was too large to be mistaken for anything else. 

After discovering this gate, Delgado went back and informed not only experts on Inca history but notable archeologists as well. 

While the tour guide may simply have stumbled upon the gate by mistake, his discovery has turned into legend with locals claiming he was steered to it by spiritual forces.

Path To The Gods

The Amarumuru has a legend which says that it leads to the sacred lands which the gods have reserved for the purest of followers. 

The Incas believed that the Stargate was a way for the brave and valiant to join the gods and reside with them in another world. The men that would join the gods would also sometimes be sent back as divine beings to oversee regular people. 

The Incas revered the men that were deemed fit by the gods to reside with them which is why the Stargate retained religious importance. 

The Spanish Legend 

Another legend that holds sway with the locals involves the Spanish invasion and the near-extinction of the Incas. 

The story goes that the conquistadors arrived in the rich and fertile land of the Incas and looted from them, killing whoever came in their way. During this time a single Inca priest of the temple of Amarumuru (or seven rays) fled with a sacred ornament of gold. 

This gold object was called ‘key of the gods of seven rays.’ The priest ran towards the Hayu Marca Mountains and due to their isolated location he was able to use the object to gain entrance secretly.

Once the priest performed a ritual to appease the gods, a blue light shone from the gate as it opened. The priest disappeared into the gate and was never seen again. 

While this legend may sound too fantastical to believe, archeologists actually found a small circular indentation in the rock of the gate. This hollow in the rock can be seen to corroborate what the story says. 

Theories Of Extraterrestrial Activity  

For tourists on a Peru holiday, the possibility of extraterrestrial visions may be wildly attractive but many people claim without evidence that Amarumuru is visited by aliens. 

Visitors have claimed seeing fire, strange alignments of the stars and even flashing lights despite the fact that the mountain stargate is kilometers away from any sign of life. 

While the huge stone carving definitely looks like a gate, archeologists have been unable to open it or to find an opening. Some experts theorize perhaps the gate was a clever way for the Incas to hide tunnels but nothing like that has been discovered so far.  

The structure has been dated to the Incas as many aspects of the stonework are similar to other Inca sacred sites. 

Visiting Amarumuru 

For enthusiasts of Inca mythology and Peruvian history, Amarumuru is a good stop to take, especially if you are in Puno or passing through. 

The site is about one hour away from the city and can be reached by bus or cab. The locals only charge $2 as an entry fee and there are restrooms if you are traveling with children. The site has been connected to the highway through a small road. 

Local shamans still visit the gate to this day to seek guidance and to conduct their own rituals. Ibis are animals commonly found in the area also although they are more active at night; this is why it is preferable to visit during the day. 

Where The Path Leads 

This Stargate made by the Incas was measured to perfection being 7 meters wide and 7 meters high. Where the gate was meant to lead is anyone’s guess and since the mountainous terrain has proven difficult to excavate, it may remain a mystery forever. 

On the other hand, the fact that the gate does not open adds more credence to the belief that it is meant for spirits and divine beings rather than earthly humans. 

A theory which became very popular around the time of its discovery was that the gate was an unfinished project and that the Spanish invaded before it could be finished. This could explain why the gate does not open and does not physically lead anywhere. 

Similarity To The Sun Gate

While there are numerous legends pertaining to Amarumuru being a portal to other worlds, historians have also remarked on its resemblance to the Sun Gate in Bolivia. 

The Gate of the Sun or the Tiahuanaco site predates the Incas but has similarities to the Amarumuru stargate. This could potentially mean that the Stargate has been around for thousands of years and perhaps the Incas utilized it but did not create it. 

Furthermore, the Gate of the Sun and the Stargate intersect Lake Titicaca on the map which has created more theories that they are connected spiritually. 

Stone Forest 

The discovery of Amarumuru in 1996 has since created a surge of interest in the area. Although the name relates to a city, there are few settlements nearby. However, in recent years people have moved and constructed houses but one mile away from Lake Titicaca. 

The area of the Hayu Marca has been named as ‘stone forest’ or ‘Valley of the Spirits’ to attest to its desolate landscape. 

The locals believe that everything around the Stargate has a special meaning, such as the stones above it are actually an outstretched woman. 

The mystery of Amarumuru captures the imagination of every person who visits it, ensuring this is a trip they will never forget.