Retreat Is The Best Start

Meditation is a very organic process, one that our bodies and minds are naturally built for which is why most people catch on to it very easily. Most expert meditators reminisce about their life before meditation and almost always talk about a ‘missing’ element.

Regardless of whether meditation is your true calling or not, it is something remarkably useful for daily life stressors (or if you suffer from an anxiety disorder). It can also provide an impetus for transforming your life into one which is in harmony with your real personality and needs.

Learning the art of meditation is easier said than done, although there are online resources, apps, and books to help you get started.

Main Classifications Of Meditation

Having know-how of the most commonly used meditation techniques can be useful when you are signing up for classes or taking the plunge by booking a meditation retreat.


This technique implies a controlled sensory perception with extreme relaxation. Words or sentences which are pre-decided are repeated till all mental noise is blocked out. This mental noise is referred by some as ‘monkey brain’ and it prevents sound decision-making and promotes anxiety.


This is a very basic route to take when learning meditation as it circles around and focuses on breathing. This technique is taught and developed in students before they can move on to more advanced methods.


This method disconnects one from the constant flurry of thought and allows one to fully experience and understand the present. The premise behind mindfulness is how to live in the present and not in your head.

This type of meditation is very advantageous in silent meditation retreats since there are specific controls on external stimulus. Furthermore, since many silent meditation retreats are in scenic and intriguing locations like the islands of Peru, you get a perfect peaceful backdrop to work on your skills.


We all have a certain perception of reality and it is deeply subjective. While this contributes to our own unique worldview, it can also be a source of many problems. Zen gives you a clean slate and alters the way you look at the world.

A great deal of acceptance and readiness is needed on behalf of the learner, as everyone has defense mechanisms that keep them prisoner.

Why A Meditation Retreat Can Kick-Start Your Process

Meditation is known to be most effective when it is not just learned properly but also practiced on a consistent and frequent basis. Booking a meditation retreat can give you the push that is needed to become a meditation master and incorporate it fully in your life for maximum benefit.

Scenic Backdrops

Meditation retreats are usually situated in stunning locations around the globe that usually have spiritual importance attached to them.

If you are fascinated with and want to go on a Peru holiday, there are yoga and silent meditation retreats there, especially on the islands surrounding the famous Lake Titicaca.

Alluring locations like Cambodia, India, and Ireland also have meditation retreats where you can stay for a few days or a much longer period of time to develop your newly found sense of self.

The major way in which a retreat is exemplary for learning and adapting to meditation is because they are usually very different from our normal surroundings.

This good shock is vital for our minds and bodies to disconnect from an older way of doing things. Retreats are typically quiet, serene, filled with positive people, and they host the suggestion of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Digital Detoxing

Meditation cannot be done in any real way when you are constantly haggled by contacts and derogatory social media material. Retreat especially silent ones do not allow a lot of contact with people back home for the duration of your stay. They are keener on encouraging you to find meaning in your real life, as opposed to your internet self.

You can also engage in spiritual tours and cultural experiences while you are staying with them giving you an opportunity to interact with people who are so different from anyone you know.

Many meditation retreats around the globe are situated in areas where the indigenous population still follows a traditional way of life such as the tribes of Peru and there is much to learn from spending time with them.

Access To The Pros

Meditation is best practiced with the help of expert therapists and master meditators. While you can take a class near to where you live, a silent meditation retreat provides you systematic access to the best.

Depending on the package you have gone for, you can expect intensive meditation and yoga for more than 10 hours a day. You can also get individual one-on-one sessions with a meditation therapist who can suggest techniques tailored to your particular issues and concerns.

In a retreat you are more than just an eager student, you are their guest and they make it their aim to address your problems and impart value.

People Like Me

In real life, many people get disillusioned at the absence of kindred souls who may have the same beliefs and aspirations as them. It goes without saying that most individuals or couples that take time out for meditation retreats are enthusiastic about the practice and eager to evolve as human beings.

A retreat can be your chance to make new friends or to simply find peace in the knowledge that there are people out there that give importance to the same things.

The Role Of Diet

Diet may sound like a strange addition to a meditation regime but the effects of the food we eat are far-reaching. Meditation retreats offer specialized diets, mostly plant-based ones which can boost your concentration, mental clarity, and overall health.

They can also provide much-needed motivation to eat healthier once you return home. The other factor which is developed during a stay at a retreat is mindful eating. This concept relates to really experiencing and enjoying your food so you don’t feel the need to overeat or opt for unhealthy options.

Setting The Right Intentions

Meditation is especially trendy right now, although it’s been important for decades in the West and hundreds of years in the East. Your intention for learning meditation and implementing it in your life should not be for fashionable purposes but because you desire a serious change.

Setting an intention is something your meditator may ask you to do before starting a session as it in part dictates how well you’ll get along.


It is not unheard of for lovers of meditation to take out time every few months or even twice a year to visit their favorite retreat.

For millions around the world, a sound daily meditation routine makes the difference between peace and insanity and allows them to thrive in a difficult and competitive world.

With so much scientific evidence to back up its mental and physical benefits, it is worth a try for anyone who is suffering or overstimulated by their environment.

Remember the main premise of meditation is to change your outlook and not necessarily your external surroundings. You may find that a positive perception is a missing link for personal happiness.