After reading many recent articles about the catastrophic situation in Fukushima and the ongoing spill of radioactive water into the pacific, I felt quite sad when I was looking over the vast ocean from the balcony of the little house in which I am living at the moment, here on the pacific coast of Mexico.

According to the articles circulating on the Internet, our human race is in a very dangerous situation, if the radioactive pollution continues on that level. Life on earth is in acute danger. I was wondering what could be done to prevent that harmful radiation to spread around the planet.

That’s when I remembered Agnihotra, an ancient fire ritual that is done at the moment of sunrise and sunset that is said to be able to cleanse the environment, not only energetically but also from pathogens, pollutants and even radioactivity.

So now you might think, yes right, a fire ritual removing radiation, are you kidding? But wait! These facts are not blind beliefs but the results of many scientific studies that have been made around these rituals in the past years. They indeed remove radioactive pollution and cleanse the environment.

How to perform Agnihotra

So how is it being done?

In a copper pyramid, a fire made of dried cow dung and ghee (clarified butter) is being lit at sunrise and sunset and at the exact moment of sunrise/sunset (on the second), a little bit of rice is put into the fire together with a mantra (sacred syllable) being chanted once.

This creates an alchemy that uses the special energy that is present in that exact moment and transforms it into a subtle energetic field of healing and transformation. Within this field many harmful substances and radiation as well are said to be eliminated.

The power and importance of this fire ritual

The ash of the ritual is said to carry many beneficial healing properties and can be used for physical and emotional healing or for agriculture. I myself have seen huge vegetables that have been grown only with the help of the ashes. Adding Agnihotra Ashes into the ocean and the environment will definitely help to eliminate harmful radiation and pollutants in general.

Being in the critical situation humanity is facing at the moment, the practice of these fire rituals can bring healing and transformation to our planet and ourselves as well.