What if there exists an ancient Ayurvedic healing technique that is able to rejuvenate the physical body in an incredible way, that can release the “Spirit Molecule” DMT in our brain and that can lead us to profound spiritual transformations? Would you be interested? Then read on.

Dark Retreat Dome in Guatemala Kaya Kalpa, or the “dark retreat” is a technique that was used in Ayurveda for thousands of years to heal and rejuvenate the body, to reduce aging and even grow back limbs, teeth, hair, etc. Sounds incredible but has been reported many times to show those amazing effects.

During a Kaya Kalpa retreat the participant enters into a completely dark room for a certain period of time. These periods can vary from 2 days up to many months and the effects increase with the duration. In the Kaya Kalpa room where no light whatsoever can enter, the participant spends his time meditating, practicing Yoga and other spiritual practices.

Through the absence of light, certain processes are triggered in the body and in the psyche that result in profound healing and rejuvenation. This is said to be because of the memory of the earliest period of our existence, the time we spend in our mother’s womb, before we were born. In a similar way, in the dark retreat we are coming back to that feeling of being nurtured by mother earth, completely protected and taken care of. On the psychological level, the absence of light diminishes our identification with the body and mind.

In this way, the dark room retreat can help us realize what spiritual masters are teaching us since the beginning of time. That beyond the physical body, beyond our thoughts and emotions, there exists a divine reality within us that is not born with this body and that never dies. They speak about a divine Self that is the very essence of all creation. The very spirit and life that is flowing through all of us. And that through letting go of the identification with the body and mind that we are able to experience that reality within us.

And in this way Kaya Kalpa, the dark retreat, is not only a tool for rejuvenating the body but even more a tool to go beyond the body and realize our true nature of eternal consciousness and love.

To have the experience of a dark retreat yourself for a short time is quite easy, you simply find a small room that ideally has a bathroom attached to it and close all outside sources of light, like windows, etc. You will see that even spending 24 hours in complete darkness can be an amazing experience.

There are also organized dark room facilities in different places in the world where you can book a prepared Kaya Kalpa retreat and also receive food during the retreat.

We are also planning on opening our own dark room facility in Peru in the near future. For the moment we recommend to you the Kaya Kalpa retreat in Guatemala, or if you have some more money to spend and more time to go, you can join one of the famous Kaya Kalpa group retreats that are held by Mantak Chia in the north of Thailand.

Before entering in a longer Kaya Kalpa retreat of more than 3 days, it is helpful to have at least some meditation experience and also the guidance of a teacher as the effects can be quite powerful.

For every sincere spiritual aspirant who would like to go a little deeper, Kaya Kalpa can be a powerful experience that opens doors to a whole new aspect of our inner reality.