Life cannot exist without the Co-Creation of the Masculine and Feminine energies. That is Consciousness and Energy. Without the dance between these two principles, no life would exist. Everything in life is born out of these two principles, even ourselves. When we think about how we were born, it is obvious that is because of our mother and father. This concept applies also to all things in life. Energy is the feminine aspect and Consciousness is the masculine aspect.

What is Energy?

When we look around us, we see trees, rocks, buildings, flowers, towers, and many other things. To the eye, what might appear as different materials and objects, is in fact made up of all the same stuff, the same source of energy, just expressed

differently. It is the same with humans, we are all different and have unique personalities, yet we are all the same race, the human race.

While meditating in sacred sites, we bring a lot of awareness to the place and what energy it holds. For example, while meditating at Lake Titicaca, we will go to the temples dedicated to the Divine Masculine and Feminine and we will focus on their unique energy.

When at the temple of Pachatata, which is dedicated to the Divine Masculine, we will focus on the masculine and how it expresses itself in our life. Literally drawing in the energy of the masculine that can be defined like the sun. Direct, powerful, visionary, clarity, light, truth. It is about connecting with this aspects inside ourselves, and then with this outside source that is supporting us, we bring it in, enhancing this quality within ourselves.

A meditation focused on inviting more of the masculine energy will leave you feeling energized, strong and with a sense of purpose. Similarly if you meditate at the temple of the Divine feminine, you will focus on the qualities of nurturing, movement, love, fertility. You can see it like the symbol of the moon and the water.

This can give birth to new ideas, healing, love, nurturing energies within ourselves. Very important to note here that this requires an inner attitude of receiving, and being open to nature and it’s abundant source of energy. Surrender to the nature that is surrounding you, listen to the sounds of the birds and the footsteps on the earth. Listening is key as you will hear the sound of the silence and of the wisdom of the earth and the trees, your own inner heart and source of inspiration.

Energy is a Feminine quality

Energy is Shakti, it is the divine feminine principal in the tantric yogic traditions. It is related with movement, emotions, sensuality, creativity. Unlike the masculine that is visionary, clear, stable. The divine feminine principle is strong and always in movement. These two balance each other.

Energy is necessary to our survival, it gives the life-force energy to be active and get up and do. When we are felling stuck, or lazy, we might say that we have “lowenergy”. This is true and there are plenty of ways to get your energy going. Either practicing yoga, which helps our body’s energy get into a flow, go to the gym and be active, or go running will trigger our energy to move and thus affect our mind and streams of thinking.

Energy is neutral, as much as we like to label things as “good” and “bad” “negative” and “positive”, energy holds no label and flows simply where our
attention goes. If our stream of thoughts is focused on negative thinking, then our experience will be the same. The energy is simply flowing where our attention is going. Now notice is if you change your thought pattern to a more positive one, what would happen.

The key here is to develop a relationship with ourselves and to become aware of how our thoughts are affecting our energy level. We will notice that when we are feeling stuck or in an unpleasant situation, we feel low energy, our mood changes. It is good to reach out to a trusted person that can help us come out and bring more clarity to our belief system and where we might experience a blockage.


Grab a piece of paper and pen and contemplate on these questions :

1) What is my understanding of the Divine Feminine and Energy?
2) How do I experience this Energy in my life?
3) How can I bring about more energy in my life?
4) What are the beliefs I have that are affecting my energy level in my life?

After having written down your answers. You will prepare for a short meditation. Again find yourself a nice undisturbed space and sit in a comfortable sitting position with your back straight. You can use a chair if you are not comfortable sitting on the floor.

Begin by focusing on your breath. This will help to bring your awareness to the present moment and into the now. Moving with the breath.

Once you feel comfortable and settled in, start to imagine a light moving from the base of your spine all the way up to the crown of your head. If you are familiar with the chakra system, you can imagine that this light is moving up the chakras and activating them like light bulbs switching on. With each inhale, imagine that you are drawing this energy upwards, and with each exhale you are releasing any negative energy into the universe. Keep doing this until you feel like you had enough.

Write down your experience.

What is Consciousness?

Now that we have covered Energy and the Divine Feminine, we will move on to Consciousness, Shiva, and the Divine Masculine.

In the Advaita Vedanta (Non-Dual) tradition, it is explained that beyond the realm of duality in which we perceive this world, there is an infinite space of Oneness. Consciousness, the Universe, God, Nature, Source, or however you wish to call it, is omnipresent. That means, it is present across all time and space, everywhere at the same time. And that there is not one place that it is not.

This is a masculine quality, the quality of being present, clear and undisturbed by the energies of the universe. It is the essence of being the witness, observing in pure presence and confidentiality.

It is from this place in our consciousness that springs all thoughts and ideas and actions. It is from this place that energy springs like water out of a well.

Consciousness without energy, IS.

Energy without Consciousness is Movement, chaos.

But none can live without the other as Consciousness is Energy and Energy is Consciousness. Just with different functions.

Consciousness is not something that lives outside of us, like I said, it is omnipresent, and is everywhere, including ourselves. We call this the Soul or Atman. The infinite part of our being that knows all, that is ever-existing, immortal, pure existing, pure presence, pure love and being.

On a material level, the masculine energy expresses itself as confidence, truth, direction, purpose, presence. These are all masculine qualities which are not define by the gender of a person. We all carry within us both masculine and feminine energies and each of us express them differently but their essence remain the same.


Before starting the meditation, grab a piece of paper and pen and contemplate on these questions :

1) What is my understanding of the Divine Masculine and Consciousness?
2) How do I experience Consciousness in my life?
3) What are the beliefs I have regarding God, Consciousness, Source?

Next, find yourself in a comfortable sitting position and prepare for meditation. Your back is straight, body is relaxed. You bring your awareness to your breath, inviting yourself to the present moment, into the Now.

This meditation is designed to connect you with your Soul, your Higher Self.

You imagine a big ball of light hovering above your head, with your awareness you expand it out and invite it in. You see this light coming down into your forehead and in your body. You are in a state of meditation.

You focused all of your awareness on your state of pure presence and being. You feel this light fill your space and body and you swim in it. There is nothing you have to do, or become, you rest fully in this sense of I Am.

Repeating to yourself I AM.

Keep your meditation for 10 minutes, repeating this mantra and resting in the powerful effect of this meditation. You simply are filling the space of your being in with the presence of Source, Consciousness, Light and God.

Write down your experience.

In conclusion

In conclusion, the divine masculine and feminine are integral parts of our being. They are not defined by gender, but are universal principles in our universe and in ourselves. To embrace these energies allows for a better understanding of ourselves and the world. Through the use of these meditation exercises, we can connect with these principles much deeper and stronger and get more insight on the nature of these energies and how they work in our lives.

May all beings be happy, may all beings be free.