Many people think that meditation is something solitary and even isolated as if a dedicated meditator became a kind of hermit living on a mountain.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, relationships are often our best teachers, including romantic relationships.

When two people in love decide to walk together on a spiritual path, they encounter many surprises, ideas and revelations along the way. And the relationship becomes much deeper as a result of this inner dimension.

Yoga, meditation, silent retreats and other practices are powerful tools when they are related to transformation.

If you are ready to begin this journey with your partner, I will share some tips on how to develop a practice together and how to make your relationship a spiritual practice in itself.

How to develop a practice with your partner

  1. Practice together

Simple and effective: just do your meditation and yoga together!

If you have a daily practice of meditation, you know that this is the moment when you are most open. By delving into yourself, you find the space that is both so vulnerable and yet completely strong and loving.

When you go there with a partner, you form a subtle bond that goes beyond the external and routine. In the language of yoga, we could talk about the harmony and fusion of the prana and astral bodies, the deepest levels of their being.

Sitting together in silence can be the most intimate thing you do with your partner.

You can try by sitting in front of each other to meditate

Yoga is also a wonderful way to connect with your partner and find yourself in a sacred space. You can do a synchronized practice but it is not necessary. Simply by being in the same room and doing your own practice, the energy that you accumulate together is greater than the sum of either of you practicing on your own.

  1. Take responsibility for the evolution of each other

Your partner is the one who knows you best and probably sees you more. You are not wearing masks around her (hopefully) and she or he is very familiar with you so you can’t hide behind excuses.

This is why he or she is your best ally to strengthen your own practice, especially, especially when you do not feel motivated.

As two spiritual beings on a journey together, assume mutual responsibility on the path.

Discuss with your partner and agree to talk with others about daily practice, classes or goals. Sometimes, a reminder and loving support make the difference between maintaining a solid daily practice and moving slowly away from it.

The beauty of being together on a path is that, when you are tired or you feel unmotivated, your partner will have the energy to encourage you and remind you why you wanted to practice. And when your partner feels depressed, you can be there to cheer him or her up.

Another part of this is calling your partner if you see him acting in a way that goes against his deepest values. Of course, do this with love and the intention to help your partner improve as a person, not as if you were watching them. And stay open for her or him to do the same for you!

Once you feel as committed to your partner’s spiritual progress as you do to your own, you have developed something really powerful, a synergy that will take you both farther than you could imagine.

  1. Meditation for couples

Along with your own meditation, you can explore meditation practices for couples to do together, such as looking into each other’s eyes.

Looking into each other’s eyes is an element of Tantric practice, but on its own, it can open a new dimension in a relationship.

The eyes are the window to your soul. Looking deeply and consciously into the eyes of your partner can be profoundly transformative.

It is wonderful to practice this before or after making love, or after meditating together.

Begin by sitting and facing each other. You can sit close, almost on your knees, and hold each other’s hands if you wish. Begin with your eyes closed, connecting with your breathing and bringing awareness to your heart. You may notice that your breathing and your companions are synchronized naturally, but you do not have to force it.

When both feel ready, open your eyes and look at each other. Try to keep the look without blinking, dropping any expectations and stories. Just present and look for that divine spark in your partner’s eyes

  1. Take a Silent meditation retreat together

Going through an intense experience together always creates a powerful bond. When that experience is a meditation retreat with your partner, even if you do not interact during the retreat, you can take a spiritual relationship to the next level.

There is something special and almost magical in the bonds formed in silence. Personally, I “met” some of my best friends on silent retreats and then, before we spoke, the connection was already there!

Participating in a retreat with your partner allows you to bring the magic of silence to your relationship and meet another person in a new way: fresh, open and connected to your deepest selves.

If you feel it necessary, of course, you can sign up for the same retreat or find a meditation retreat specifically for couples.

For example, Meditation Retreat Peru offers silent retreats designed to bring couples together along their shared path, exploring the dimensions of sacred femininity and masculinity along with yoga and meditation.

This type of experience is perfect to deepen a relationship and start your spiritual practice at the same time.

  1. Go on a spiritual holiday together

In addition to undertaking a journey with your partner, you can create good moments for a lifetime on a spiritual trip or a vacation for couples.

What could be better and more encouraging than visiting the most sacred places in the world with your partner? Whether on the banks of the Ganges or on the heights of Machu Picchu, experience the high energy of the sacred sites.

If you want to make a trip or a vacation package, look for one that has the right balance between spirituality, activities and free time. You will want to feel guided and learn something meaningful from the experience, but still, you will have the space to integrate and bond with your partner.

At Meditation Retreat Peru, we also offer spiritual tours for couples as well as silent retreats. This combination – seven days visiting sites around the Sacred Valley of the Andes, three days in silence on a remote island and three days of rest on the shore of Lake Titicaca – provides inner growth and a shared and joyful experience to treasure for years to come

After a trip like that, you and your beloved can go home relaxed and inspired, ready to meet new eyes and open hearts.


A conscious relationship is one of the most beautiful things in the world. If you are an experienced beginner meditator, you are still in that phase of your honeymoon or celebrating your 50th anniversary together, building a spiritual practice together can only bring more joy, confidence and connection between you and your partner and with life itself.