The island Amantani is said to be a mystical power place, mainly because of the ancient temples located on the island. The island, which is only square kilometres wide and home to about 3000 people basically consists of 2 mountains which each has an ancient temple on its peak. The temple of Pachamama, dedicated to the feminine aspect of the universe and the temple of Pachatata, dedicated to the masculine aspect. They overlook the island and attract many visitors from around thew world. The inhabitants of the island which belong to the ancient Aymara culture tell us that the temples are more then 4000 years old. Today the religion that is practiced by most of the inhabitants is a mixture of formal christianity and ancient pagan customs. There seems to be spiritual and religious tolerance and openness towards every belief systems as long as it is practiced with respect.

To reach the temples one follows a path that leads from the lake up to the temples and goes through many stone arches which some say acted like initiatory gateways. At some point there is a little plateau where one reaches a crossroad with one path going to the temple of Pachatata and the other one to the temple of Pachamama.

The temple of Pachatata:

Temple of Pachatata Is very distinct. The mountain has more of a one pointed peak with the temple of Pachatata sitting right on its peak in a square form. The gate is usually locked and only once a year it is opened for a big ceremony involving fertility rituals for the island. From here one can overlook Lake Titicaca and have an amazing view of the coast of Bolivia.

The temple of Pachamama:

The temple of Pachamama has a round shape and the mountain where it is located is more diverse as it is more open and wide. The temple itself covers only a small part of its peak. The rest of the mountain is covered with small potatoe fields and quarrys where the island inhabitants are cutting the stones that is used for the pathways of the island. Same like the temple of Pachatata, the gate of the temple is locked year round except for the annual fertility ritual. Though sitting next to the temple one can clearly feel the strong and beautiful energy. This is also an excellent place to watch the sunrise or sunset above Lake Titicaca.

Both temples have a very different energy. At Pachatata many people experience a sense of clarity, centeredness, inner strength and connection with our higher selves. At Pachamama many people experience a deeper sense of beauty, love, nourishment, and conncetin with the earth. These are also the characteristics that are often described as masculine and feminine, which makes it an excellent place to do energetic work on our masculine and feminine aspects. To get a deeper understanding that everyone has a masculine and feminine aspect within themselves and how to live and experience them.

During the silent meditation retreats we also visit these sacred sites to meditate on these principles in the universe and within ourselves.